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A lifestyle of transformation & process through beauty and ministry


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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Sheniece Wallace, I am a wife, sister, author, speaker, makeup artist, founder of Chosen faces, inc. (www.chosenfaces.org) (temporary site https://chosenfacessw.wixsite.com/cfcharity) and servant of the Lord. First, thank you for visiting my website here is where you will get to connect with me whether for ministry, makeup services, or too purchase my book. My story is no walk in the park, it’s a true story of transformation and process. I remember, in June 2011 after hitting one of the lowest points in life God answered me in a way I did not expect. See, a year prior to 2011, I had been drinking tons, became addicted to sleeping pills, and was very promiscuous after heart breaks and depression. This was just the manifestation and tipping point to all that occurred in my childhood. I thought I survived being molested as a child until I realized I had not dealt with the demons haunting me from my past, cycles, and limitations the enemy had on me as strongholds. I started praying, visiting a church in 2010, reading self-help books, and even trying to fit in anywhere I could for LOVE. That is when Christ came in and began the transformation process within me. This was just the beginning of my TRUE healing journey. June 4, 2011 was the beginning of a supernatural experience spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as well as my lifestyle. Through Christ, I have been able to attain a Theological Masters Degree,  become an ordained minister, launch a non profit that creates a space and community for women to heal with support called Chosen Faces, I've been giving the privilege to get married, and endure the process to become whole to use my breakthrough to bring hope to others by evangelizing the gospel. Then to top it off in 2014 I felt so compelled  to start a career in makeup artistry and I am passionate about what I do. It is all  GOD's doings. I cannot wait to connect with you whether for artistry, ministry, or networking. Keep scrolling!